28 STEM By Design Teaching Tools

thinking-toolsThe chapters in Anne Jolly’s book STEM by Design include 28 design tools. These resources will help STEM teachers and program leaders create curriculum, write lessons, build student teams, and engage colleagues and communities. Download PDFs of all the tools here! If you have a question, leave a comment and Anne will be sure to reply.

Design Tool 1.1: Ms. Rizzo’s STEM Class: A True Story

Design Tool 1.2: A STEM Class Analysis

Design Tool 1.3: STEM Basics

Design Tool 2.1: The Ideal STEM Class

Design Tool 3.1: STEM School—Yes or No?

Design Tool 3.2: Eight Criteria for STEM Programs

Design Tool 4.1: STEM Teaching Planner

Design Tool 4.2: Dear Student Letter

Design Tool 4.3: Where Am I Now?

Design Tool 5.1: STEM Lesson Specifications

Design Tool 6.1: Lessons to Analyze

Design Tool 7.1: Student Brainstorm! Tips

Design Tool 7.2: The Engineering Design Process for Student Teams

Design Tool 7.3: EDP Description for Teachers

Design Tool 7.4: Sketch-a-Lesson EDP Template

Design Tool 8.1: STEM Lesson Front Matter List

Design Tool 8.2: Lesson Design Checklist

Design Tool 8.3: Important Team Behaviors

BONUS: Student Teaming Tips Handbook

Design Tool 8.4: What Matters to Our Team?

Design Tool 8.5: Lesson Impact on Students

Design Tool 9.1: Lesson Criteria Rubric

Design Tool 9.2: 60-Second Teamwork Check-In

Design Tool 9.3: What Must Team Members Be Able to Do?

Design Tool 9.4: Teamwork Quick Check

Design Tool 9.5: Sample EDP Assessment

Design Tool 10.1: STEM Partnership Possibilities

Design Tool 10.2: STEM Partnership Building

Design Tool 11.1: STEM After-School Assessment Checklist

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    I am a lecturer at the College Level. I use STEM BY DESIGN as a resource for teaching one of my courses (iSTEM). Do you have a powerpoint created that will aid in facilitating class instruction using STEM BY DESIGN. Thanks, Jessica Moran

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