Strategies and Activities for Grades 4-8

28 STEM By Design Teaching Tools

Anne Jolly’s book STEM by Design includes 28 design tools. These resources will help STEM teachers and program leaders create curriculum, write lessons, build student teams, and engage colleagues and communities. You’ll find free downloads at this page!

Student Teaming Tips for Your STEM Classroom

Written by STEM teaching expert Anne Jolly as a free supplement to her book STEM By Design (2016), the Student Teaming Tips Handbook is a starter set of ideas teachers may find useful for priming kids to work creatively and productively in STEM teams. Download the PDF!

Begin STEM Planning with a 5-Point Checkup

Getting ready to involve students in real STEM learning experiences this fall? Then you’ll soon begin to examine, revise, and beef up your STEM education knowledge and skills. Anne Jolly brings together ideas and information to answer five key questions.

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STEM by Design Book Discussion Guide

Use these study questions as you read STEM by Design (Routledge, 2016) individually or in a team. Often a team study will surface more ideas, generate discussions, and drive learning deeper. Choose those questions that will spark the most learning for you.