Here’s a Tool to Help “Debug” Your STEM Lessons

Class is underway and your students are involved in a STEM lesson. Take a close look at their reactions.

debug-sqAre they interested? Are they engaged? Right up front, assess how the students in your class are responding so you can make quick adjustments today – and use what you learn to strengthen lesson designs throughout the year.

Several possible “fails” may be sabotaging your students’ learning. Read my article How to Debug a STEM Lesson Plan at MiddleWeb. Then use this tool to see if your lesson passes the bug check. Circle the correct response and give evidence to support your answer.

Download my STEM Lesson Debugger

Anne Jolly

Anne Jolly began her career as a lab scientist, caught the science teaching bug, and was recognized as an Alabama Teacher of the Year during her years as a middle grades science teacher. From 2007-2014 Anne was part of an NSF-funded team that developed middle grades STEM curriculum modules and teacher PD materials for the Mobile Area Education Foundation's Engaging Youth through Engineering initiative. In 2020-2021 Anne teamed to develop a middle school STEM workforce curriculum for Flight Works Alabama. Her book STEM By Design: Strategies & Activities for Grades 4-8 is published by Routledge/MiddleWeb.

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