STEM-Friendly Videos for Students & Teachers

Here’s a small collection of STEM-related videos that might provide inspiration for students and some lesson-writing ideas for teachers.

what-is-STEM-snipWhat Is STEM? This is your first “must watch” video – a 3-minute whiteboard feature that explains what STEM Education is and how it can be beneficial in the classroom. It’s a great tool for understanding STEM and explaining it to any group – from kids to parents to school board members.

STEM Education: Developing 21st century problem solvers. A celebrated teacher shares how he introduced his students to problem-solving and integrated STEM lessons into his classroom. While he highlights his third-graders, the STEM principles he incorporates apply across the grade level spectrum.

Heat Loss Project: a STEM Exploration. Watch this excellent video of kids involved in a middle school STEM lesson based on a real life engineering challenge. As you watch, you will notice a lot of STEM teaching principles you can use in your own STEM lessons. Note that teaching videos aren’t intended to give you a model to follow, but ideas to consider.

roller-coaster-physicsRoller Coaster Physics: STEM in Action. This video gives you a good look at communication in the engineering design. You’ll also see how kids intentionally apply math and science to an engineering challenge and the role of budgeting.

Talks by brilliant kids and teens. These kids have tackled challenges and developed some amazing solutions! This will renew your faith that teaching kids to use STEM thinking and giving them the requisite math and science skills can really change the world.

Kahn Academy Hour of Code. Need to learn more about coding (or a math concept, or a science concept)? This link will take you to a basic introduction to coding and to writing code. Kahn Academy is my default site for learning stuff, or for getting more information about a specific topic.

If you have any classroom tested STEM-friendly videos (for students or teachers) you’d like to suggest, let us know in the Comments!

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